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Blast Facility


Gorilla Corrosion (Services) Ltd are pleased to announce the development of our revolutionary new facility at Lunan Bay only 35 miles south of Aberdeen on the main A92. The development and expansion of the 7 acre site will enable us to deliver continued excellence to our growing number of clients and meet the demands of our growing business.


We are presently constructing a 50m x 25m x 10m high custom built plant which will incorporate a sizeable grit blasting unit measuring 20m x 6m x 6m and will include two 10 tonne lifting capacity cranes as well as cutting edge painting and industrial coating techniques.


Gorilla Corrosion (Services) Ltd aim to serve our customers with this expansive range in technological production by autumn 2015.


Xylan Plant


Gorilla Corrosion (Services) Ltd are also expanding their Xylan Coating capabilities and are currently converting an existing unit in which to enhance our ability to provide this sought after technology. The Xylan plant is also housed at our easily accessible Lunan Bay facility with a bespoke grit blasting unit containing aluminium oxide, a phosphating treatment plant with a spray booth and oven for curing the Xylan coating. The plant is designed to cater for equipment up to 2m in length and 1m in diameter.






Why use Xylan Coating


With its non-slip coating, anti-abrasive, heat and wear resistance properties, Xylan is an ideal coating for materials used in a multitude of industries.


Due to its anti-corrosive properties, it` s resistance to sunlight, salt and road chemicals it is extensively used in the automotive industry and will withstand the extreme temperatures in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the offshore oil and gas industry. Xylan coatings can be produced in a variety of colours to suit every requirement which enables superb visibility thus enhancing any organisation`s health and safety commitment.


It is applied in thin film applications and is also ideally suited to materials which may have unsuitable existing surface properties.

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